Hand Stretch Wrap


Pallet wrap (also known as stretch wrap or stretch film) is an essential packaging item when packing goods on pallets, so loads are stable, secure and protected. Our hand pallet wrap is supplied rolled on cardboard cores and is easy to apply by hand or using a dispenser. We supply a range of thicknesses to ensure all types of loads can be protected, our thinner pallet wrap (13 micron) is great for stabilizing lighter loads whilst being cost effective. Whereas our heavy duty thicker film (20 microns) is useful for heavier loads or irregular shaped loads.

The basics:

  • No equipment needed, can be applied easily by hand or with a dispenser
  • Available with both flush and extended cores
  • Great for protecting loads from moisture due to the film being moisture resistant
  • In addition to using pallets, it’s a cost effective way of protecting bulky goods when transporting
  • Stocked in clear and black for extra security
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Cast film pallet wrap or stretch wrap with flush core. Cast stretch films provide a smooth surface with excellent optics, gloss, strength and cling without additives. These stretch films keep products tightly bound and pallets stable, the tension in the film keeps your pallets secure whilst in transit.

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