Get Ready For The Moving Day:

1.    Check your documents 

It’s good to be prepared in case anything changes with your relocation plan. To keep a track of every detail, we advise you to have a small digital folder or a notebook prepared beforehand on your Google Drive or Dropbox where you store every document connected with your move, including quotes, receipts, bills and records.

2.    Be present on the moving day

Make sure you are present and on time on your moving day! Monitoring the process and ensuring that everything is done according to your moving requirements is important to avoid misunderstandings and unfortunate accidents with the team of movers.

3.    A box of essentials

Have a box of ‘essentials’ packed and prepared with everything that you may need for your moving day and, preferably, for the first 24 hours.

4.    Check fragile items

Check every moving box and fragile item to make sure they are well-wrapped, secured, sealed and labeled.

5.    Pack remaining items 

Pack any remaining items (bedding, toiletries, towels, clothes, shoes, kitchenware that you have used during the last hours).

6.    Final walk-through 

Walk through the building/apartment to scan drawers, cabinets, closets, shelves, garage, etc to ensure that you are not forgetting to pack some stuff.

7.    Double-check for safety 

Double-check that all the flammable and poisonous items are disposed of.

8.    Protect your floors

Make sure that your floors, carpets, corners are protected from any damage that may occur during the relocation process.

9.    Take pictures

It’s good if you take pictures of your place before the moving process starts. This is your proof of it’s pre-moving out condition.

10.    Check utilities 

Check utilities in your new place, ensure they are activated for your arrival.

11.  Moderate the move

Let your professional movers handle the process; clear the way for them to help them navigate with the heavy boxes and furniture pieces easier.

12. Take a final sweep 

Once everything’s been loaded in the moving trucks, take a final sweep in your old place, look around to see if you have some garbage to take out or if you will need to additionally clean the place before leaving. Don’t forget to lock the place up!

13.  Guide your movers 

When you arrive at your new place, guide your movers to let them know what room each box belongs to.

14. Check your belongings

Inspect your belongings by examining each of them to ensure they have not been damaged during the move.

15. Tip your movers

Tip your movers as they have worked hard for you all day.

16. Inspect your new house 

Do a quick inspection of your new home and only then start with unpacking your essentials that you need for the evening or the next few days (beddings, toiletries, other immediate items).

17. Finally, relax!

Relax after a long and exciting day; get to know neighbor’s if you feel social and energetic enough. They may even offer to land you a hand!

18. Write a review 

And last, but not least, leave a detailed review of your experience with the movers company you chose to help their future customers know who they are hiring.


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