Handyman Services


Handyman services refer to a wide range of repair, maintenance, and improvement tasks that are typically done around the home or office. These tasks can include minor electrical and plumbing repairs, painting, carpentry, and furniture assembly, among others. Handymen are often skilled in many different areas and can provide a variety of services to help keep a home or office in good condition. Some handyman services may be offered by independent contractors, while others may be part of a larger home improvement or remodeling company.

If there’s an odd job you can think of, then Pasa Handyman can do it. Not only that, the ‘can do’ attitude for which our moving service is so famous applies to everything we do. If you’ve ever had the disheartening experience of being told a job is too complicated or bothersome, you’ll love our bright, accommodating, fast, intelligent handymen. Every Pasa Movers ltd team member is down-to-earth, efficient, and polite. Most importantly, they do what they say they’re going to do and we are always tidy up and will not leave a mess for you to clear up once the work is finished.


Hanging Paintings – Not just paintings, but also mirrors, objects d’art.

Hanging Curtains – we can hang curtains and blinds to stop those prying eyes.

Flat-screen TVs – Mounted No Wukkas (worries).

Furniture Assembly – If the flat-pack assembly diagram leaves you exhausted, let us do it quickly and completely.

Painting & Decorating – need to fill those holes to get your deposit back, sure thing.

Installing Appliances – need to get those clothes and dishes washed then we’ll install your washing machine and dishwasher.

Glazing – Our skilled handyman can remove sash windows and any type of glazing.

Garden Pressure Wash – If your garden is suffering from moss and needs a spruce up, we’ll blast it back to beautiful.

Bathroom – silicone edges/ grouting

Services You Can Trust

we aim to empower and improve the livelihoods of youths with technical skills in Kenya putting them at a globally competitive level.

The brand has endeavored to solve pain points in the real estate industry and foster professionalism in the domestic and commercial handymen sector which is the soul that drives our team.

Handyman repairs and building works are regulated by NCA Kenya and our technicians are trained by its major suppliers on the safety, security, and service delivery of their products.

Our goal is to deliver value-based quality services in professional handymen services while increasing market share across East Africa.

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