Our services include:
  • Hanging Plasma TVs/Removal of TVs off Brackets
  • Changing Lights/Rose Holders/Dimmer Switches
  • Washing Machine Plumbing & Disconnection
  • Sash Window Removal & Replacement
  • Hanging Shelves/Wall Art/Pictures
  • Dismantling & Reassembling Furniture
  • Putting Up Rails, Curtains & Chandeliers
The scope of services

Carpentry And Joinery : Broken furniture, creaking beds, fixing door locks and loose cupboard hinges, assembling shoe racks and bookshelves, your kitchen cabinets and shelves. We often disassemble furniture at your origin home and assemble and set them up at your destination home. This most importantly includes your beds, so that you don’t have to stress about looking for a ‘fundi’ to sort you out before the day ends. You will sleep soundly.

Carpently in pasa movers

Electrical and Electronic works : Well, we all know not to play with electricity. This is the reason you can’t afford to fix your electronics alone. Your hot showers, electric fans and heaters, chandeliers; your cooker, fridge, home theaters and any other electronics in your home need to be handled by handymen who are well equipped and knowledgeable. They are really expensive on purchase as well so you wouldn’t want to waste resources replacing an appliance that could have been handled professionally.


Plumbing Works : Your kitchen sinks, bathroom works, leaks, toilet issues. These are really small things that can determine the comfort of your home, so best believe, a professional plumber is in a better position to fix these hitches.


Paintings and Picture Mounting : As easy as it looks, putting pictures and paintings up is not always as simple as knocking a nail in the wall and hanging your frame on it. But, unlike plumbing and carpentry, you can attempt to do this on your own. You can trust our handymen to put these up for you as they were in at the origin house or differently according to your instructions.


In the moving industry, we find unique handyman needs such as fixing curtains, disassembling and mounting TVs and satellite dishes. Some of these services are part of our value addition, to ensure that you settle in well as soon as the move is complete. We can’t underestimate the importance of handymen in our industry. They are the joints that connect all our other services.




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