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At Pasa Movers, we understand the stress that can come along with international moving. This is the reason why our team of professional movers, Move Consultants and Move Managers will rest at nothing to ensure the most seamless and stress-free transition.


International shipping has revolutionized over the years, with major and more routes designed/ discovered to enhance connectivity to various parts of the world, ensuring more practical shipping solutions.

We offer a range of international moving solutions:


Door to Door shipping– This means we will pack your items in Kenya, customs clear for export, cater for freight by air, sea, or road, customs for import at the country of destination, deliver to your house, unpack and set up. Pasa mover is a member of the International Association of Movers that provides a wide range of well-vetted and credible partners to work with to ensure your move is as swift as possible.

Door to Port–  This means we pack your items in Kenya, customs clear for export and cater for freight by air, sea, or road and deliver the cargo at the port/airport/ frontier of the destination country.

Port to Door – This solution majorly applies to import shipments to Kenya or Uganda. We will clear the shipment with Kenya port authorities, Kenya customs, and the shipping line, deliver the consignment to your doorstep (residence), offload the container, unpack, set up, assemble your furniture and return the empty container to the depot. This service is also commonly referred to as Destination Service.


There are different freight solutions mostly based on the volume of the shipment, transit time, destination connectivity from/to Kenya, and budget. These solutions are:


Air Freight – this mode of shipping is very efficient for small shipments that are needed in the shortest time possible.

Road Transport – this mode of shipping is very efficient, cost-effective, and fast for moves to East Africa e.g Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and some COMESA countries e.g Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Lubumbashi part of Congo

Sea Shipping – this mode of shipping is very common for voluminous shipments or small shipments that need long transit time. There are three methods of sea shipping. Namely:

Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipping –

this is where the shipment is packed and placed in a wooden lift van (a wooden lift van tailor-made to suit the volume of shipment is made) and handed over to the consolidators (or Non-Vessel Operating Carriers (NVOCC) for shipping, at the destination port, the container is broken bulk, the shipment cleared individually and delivered to your resident.

Full Container Load (FCL) shipping

– this is where your shipment is solely loaded in a container of your own.

Groupage shipping 

– This is where two or more consignments (belonging to different persons) headed to the same destination country are loaded in the same container and clear separation in the container is made. Clearance of each shipment is done individually and shipments are delivered to their destination in moving trucks.

Why Choose Pasa Movers for International Moving?
  • Pasa Movers is a member of international moving trade associations such as the International Association of Movers and British Association of Movers and is therefore guided by international best practices. We are here to stay, have a reputation to protect, and only benchmark with the best in the world. Besides ensuring
  • we have a wide range of global partners with whom to work, these memberships are crucial for staff training and empowerment.

Privacy is our major priority. We shall ensure that your data is well protected and your home privacy upheld and treated with the utmost respect.

  • Well-trained and International Association of Movers (IAM) certified Move Consultants; who are happy to visit you in person or virtually conduct a pre-move assessment, understand your needs, chart the most practical move/shipping plan and share with you a tailor-made no-obligation quotation. They will also guide you and control the process from the beginning to the end (door–to–door).

  • A team of well-trained, vetted, friendly, warm, solution-oriented, and professional movers
  • Eco-friendly and the best packing materials in the market- we shall provide all the packing materials e.g Micro-fibre moving blankets to wrap your furniture, specially designed, plastic moving crates to pack your files
  • We have invested in equipment to boost the safety of your goods when moving and ensure timely delivery e.g hydraulic pallets, hand pallets, and shoulder dollies.
  • Timely updates: upon move confirmation, you will be assigned one contact person who will furnish you with regular updates on the status of the shipment.
  • Pre-export or Post- import storage facilities. We have storage facilities that cover your Storage-in-Transit needs as you process your documentation at the destination country or as you sort your lease agreement in Kenya.

The Move Process involves a lot of meticulous planning to ensure a swift, stress-free transition for the entire family. There are three major stages:

A) Pre- Move process

✔ Contact Pasa Movers  Ltd

✔ Get a Move Consultant assigned to your Move. This is when your moving journey with Pasa Movers starts. The Move Consultant will contact you to:


book for a pre-move survey – it can either be an In-person, Virtual Survey (video call or pre-recorded video), pictorial, or a list (either via email or over the phone)

Visit your home based on your agreement in (1) above.

Understand your moving requirements and address any concerns you might have/ queries

Discuss the most practical move plan with you based on your needs, guide you through the Moving process, customs requirements/ restrictions at the destination country, and set expectations.

Share a tailor-made no-obligation quotation via email.

Book your move and handover to the Move Manager for a D-day planning/execution overview.

✔ Share the requested documentation for confirmation.

✔ Clear with the building/ property management.

✔ Switch off the fridge at least 4 days before the moving date.

✔ Stop using your washing machine and water dispenser at least 3 days before the move day and ensure you drain the water.

✔ Get an SMS advising your Move Captain for the entire actual moving process through our CRM.

B) The Moving Process

✔ The Move Captain and the team will arrive at your current location on time.
✔ He/ She will introduce his/ her team
✔ They will request you to take show them around for a quick walkthrough to get a glimpse of the scope of work
✔ Label the house/articles with the end in mind
✔ He will introduce a set of documents to be used on the move day.
✔ Set timelines with you.
✔ The team will safeguard your items by ensuring 100% packing of the small items and wrapping for the furniture/ huge electronics
✔ Generate a packing list using a tablet and it’s sent to your email.
✔ Load and stow your goods in the container or moving truck
✔Transport to the airport, frontier, Nairobi ICD, Mombasa.

✔ Customs clear for export
✔ Handover to the Airline/ shipping line and obtain the transport document (Waybill)
✔ Transport to the destination by sea, air or sea.
✔ Customs clear for import at the destination.
✔ Deliver to the residence, offload, unpack, set up, and basic furniture assembly.
✔ Return the empty to the depot.


Moving Insurance

Marine insurance is particularly recommended for sea and air shipment to cater for any uncertainties that might happen during transit (though not mandatory, we highly recommend taking up a cover).

We can place the cover on your behalf at a fee or you can do it through your insurer. All you need to provide is an itemized valued inventory, a copy of your identity document (passport), and a copy of the KRA PIN.

By default, all Pasa moves are insured through a Goods-in-Transit policy that applies for transit throughout Kenya


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Our Pasa Team of International  movers understand the international move process, including what documents you’ll need, what items can and cannot be transported across borders, the culture and communities at destination and which transportation method/s will meet your unique moving needs.

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