Interstate Moving (EAC)

Pasa Movers and Packers offer you the best way to ship your goods, we understand the East African market. Through our knowledge, experience, capacity, and resources, you can rely on the right partner for trucking and East African transport.

If you have a heavy load to ship, it may require equipment such as cranes or hoisting platforms for its transportation. Pasa Movers and Packers is experienced in handling the road transport of heavy goods including machinery, and industrial and construction materials.

We can provide specially approved vehicles for this kind of freight, as well as skilled workers to carry out the operation, guaranteeing that your heavy load will arrive safely at its destination within the agreed deadline.

Roads  Connections to EAC Region

There is a host of bus services connecting all East African capitals and major cities, but with EAC-enhanced cooperation in the area of transport, East Africans can now drive private cars across borders and across the entire EAC region, free of charge, for visits no longer than seven (7) days.

The maximum period allowed for one to use a car not registered in the host Partner State is six (6) months, although you will be required to pay $20 per month for a temporary road license after the seven-day grace period has elapsed. Anyone using a private car has to fill out a form, obtainable at border crossing points or the local Revenue Authority office, which grants permission for free access for a week.

A valid driver’s license is required for driving in any of the Partner States.

Ensure that your car is insured before you travel, with a valid sticker displayed on your vehicle as proof of insurance (seek advice from your insurer on the available insurance options). Also, make sure you carry an original copy of your car Log Book or at the very least, a certified photocopy.

Ports of entry (applies to road transport only*)
  • Kenya – Uganda border: Busia and Malaba
  • Kenya – Tanzania border: Namanga and Holili
  • Tanzania – Uganda border: Mutukula
  • Tanzania – Burundi border: Kigoma
  • Tanzania – Rwanda border: Rusumo
  • Rwanda – Burundi border: Akanyaru
  • Rwanda – Uganda border: Gatuna / Katuna
  • South Sudan – Uganda border: Busia, Nimule
  • South Sudan – Kenya border:

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Best time to travel based on weather, time zones, and public holidays


Climatic conditions vary from tropical to temperate, depending on elevation.

There are two common rain seasons in the Partner States: the long rains from late March to early May, and the short rains, from late October to early December.

Time zones:

Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda belong to the East Africa Time zone, which is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3).

Rwanda and Burundi belong to the Central Africa Time zone. CAT is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).

The Democratic Republic of the Congo observes GMT+01:00 (West Africa Time)  for Western DRC (Kinshasa, Boende, Zongo); and GMT+02:00 (Central Africa Time) for Eastern DRC (Goma, Kindu, Bukama, Lubumbashi). It is the only country in Africa that uses more than one-time zone.

Public holidays:

Most government institutions close on public holidays in the EAC Partner States, although immigration points (airports, border entry points, etc) remain open.

Similarly, most business fixtures remain closed on such days.

Below is a table showing the official public holidays in the EAC Partner States:


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