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Work is stressful ! Office Moving shouldn’t be.

Let the Pasa Team of office movers take your business to its next home.

We’ll make your office move successful.

Whether you’re a local business or a national company, Pasa commercial movers have what you need to move the right way. There’s a reason we’re the best office movers in Kenya

Commercial and office removals in Kenya can mean a dramatic loss of productivity as well as stress and disruption for personnel. With the Pasa Team of Movers, such problems evaporate thanks to carefully considered strategies, good forward planning, and excellent IT relocation. We will provide you with a team leader who’ll be on board from the very start, guiding you and your staff through every stage.

The most important part of successful Kenya office removals is that they are smooth and seamless, with a well-thought-out timeline and good, logical lines of communication. We will ensure that everyone is kept apprised of all details and that all necessary Health and Safety requirements are adhered to precisely.

Thanks to our clear briefing and easy-to-follow documents, by the day of your move, matters will have been undertaken in such a way that your staff can resume their own duties upon arrival at their new premises.

Of course, IT relocation is of great concern to our clients. Our IT specialists use state-of-the-art handling equipment and decommissioning/recommissioning techniques that mean no unexpected teething problems for you.

Our office removal Kenya services never wash their hands of you as soon as everything’s unpacked. We have telephone and in-person aftercare to keep your worries at bay.





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Your business is your livelihood and Pasa Movers takes that seriously. We know downtime means lost income, and we won’t stand for that on our watch. Luckily, office relocation services and logistics happen to be our bread and butter. With our detailed preparation, specialized services, and unmatched office furniture moving and packing expertise, no other commercial moving company can beat the value and timelines we deliver.

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